The remarkable LSA airplane Swing is an high-winged reinforced airplaine, manufactured in a sandwich procedure completely from plastic using vacuum technology from carefully selected materials, approved for use in aviation, of German an Swiss production. In accordance with the classical principle, there is a traction engine, built in light, extremely stable cell structure. The tank, the partition ot the engine space, as well as the wings fixations are fixed to the fuselage using laminated plastic. In order to reach such a generous spatial conditions of a width of 51,95 IN for two persons, both external windows are spherically shaped, designed as great doors.
Top Speed: 132 MPH
Cruise: 75-108 MPH (typical 100 MPH)
Stall: 43,5 MPH
Cross weight: 1265 lb.
Maximum weight of the crew: 490 lb.
Max. range: 500 Mi
economy: 2,2-3,1 Gph
fuel capacity: 15,8 Gal
cabin width: 51,95 inches
cabin hight: 42,52 inches
wing span: 33,5 ft
engin: Rotax 912 uls 100 hp
The lifting surfaces are manufactured using the GfK sandwich procedcure, with rigid leading edge, an with attached covering in Ceconite. Elevator, rudder and the ailerons, as well as the landing flaps, adjustable in three positions are manufactured also using the GfK sandwich procedure.

To improve the comfort of the pilots, the control is normally performed using two steering levers, as well as the pedals for the rudder / nose wheel. Control of the rudder and landing flaps is performed using draw bars and steel wire rope. The trimming is performed electrically.

For transport, or for keeping the airplane in a hangar with little space requirements, the lifting surface and the elevator may be folded or dismantled within serveral minutes.

  • An extremley generous an comfortable cockpit with a fantastic space conditions at a width of 51,96 IN an a height of 42,52 IN.
  • Very silent dure to the 3 mm thick shaped wide area glazing, without perturbing vibrations. There is no need for any intercom.

  • The generous side glazing allows for better view during landing. Due to tinted glazing, the inner space is much less heated.

  • Fast and economic, due to aerodynamic an pure forme.

  • It suits even to pupils of aviation training due to its flight characteristics its maneuverability and taxying remarkable.

  • Super comfortable seats, anatomically shaped, adjustable in a lot of positions, with intergrated headrests, allow for long-time longdistance flights

Come and fly with us! You are invited to persuade yourself of excellent performance of the LSA Swing. Suggest us the term of the trial flight, please!

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